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Undergraduate Interns


USC undergraduates will join an active, rigorous lab environment assisting project scientists in studies relative to the circadian biology of plants and mammals.

Many of our former students have been successful in obtaining scholarships to conduct small projects on their own while being mentored in the Kay Lab. Below is a sampling list of our students who have gone on to top-ranked graduate programs, or are now working in academia and industry.


Former Undergraduates

  • Shishir Agrawal, Chancellor’s Research Scholarship, UC San Diego
  • Vincent Hatakeyama, Chancellor’s Research Scholarship, UC San Diego
  • Lauren Hsiao, Staff Research Assistant, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, UC San Diego
  • Earl Kang, Biology Graduate Program at the University of Georgia
  • Jasmine King, Biology Graduate Program at Stanford
  • Kellen Na, Undergraduate Research Fellowship, UC San Diego; Americorps
  • Michael Tien, Graduate Program at the Mayo Clinic
  • Lars Knustad, Research Technician, Biotech
  • Elan Sherazee, Air Force medical student, Uniformed Services University Bethesda, MD
  • Tiffany Su, Graduate Program at the University of Washington
  • Ying Sun, Graduate Program at Stanford, NSF Graduate Fellowship

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